RRHS Student and law enforcment participants in the annual Public Safety Competitino

RRHS Law students participated in the Annual Law and Public Safety Internal Competition on November 16, 2023 at the school's campus. The competition included 16 competitors and 10 role players. Students were evaluated by the Santa Cruz Sheriff Deputies, Nogales Police Department and Tucson Police Department which included former Law and Public Safety Alumni.

The top 7 students will represent RRHS in the AZ Skills USA Law and Public Safety Regionals in Pima County JTED on February 10th. In 2023, RRHS' Veronika Ramos placed 1st and represented Arizona in the National Skills USA Law and Public Safety Competition in Atlanta.

This program is powered by Pima JTED.

Pictured: All participants which also included RRHS theatre students who role played during different scenarios.