Vision Statement

Think creatively and critically everyday in all manners of ways. 

Mission Statement

To educate students towards seeing the world through the eyes of an artist by creating, performing, responding to, and connecting with their world.

Wok for a Career in the Arts



Make sure to check out the AZ State Arts website for information on college/career planning! Click here to pull up the link

Student Opportunities in AZ

Students have opportunities with the Arizona State Education Department. This can include everything from competitions to scholarships from submissions to workshops. The website is always adding so make sure to check regularly and if you need help then contact the director at RRHS in charge of the focus area! 

Looking to Donate?

Our programs are always accepting donations from the community, contact our department head or the director of any specific program.

You can also donate to our Band, Thespian, Dance, and Art programs through the AZ Tax Credit Program, information can be found by clicking here