Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Senior Recognitions will happen at the end of the Friday Performance! 

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Beauty and the Beast, the magical musical by Linda Woolverton, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, tells a tale as old as time as a prince must rush to find love as a beast. With whimsical music, loveable characters, and graceful choreography, the musical follows Belle, a common village girl, and the Beast, a cursed prince, who must learn how to love before time runs out! Enter a world of magic, music, and… talking teapots?

Beauty and the Beast

“I think Beauty and the Beast is such a fantastical show because of its timeless writing, ensuring its continued enjoyment, along with all the life everyone has been pouring into this piece behind the scenes, here at the Hawk Theatre Company. The stunning visuals, hard work, and dedication put in by our crews have come together to really bring this piece to life and, I assure, will make for a magical night to be remembered.” says Assistant Director Victoria Guzman.

The RRHS Theatre Company presents Beauty and the Beast in the Rio Rico High School Cafetorium. The show will be performed April 15th at 6:30 pm, April 16th at 6:30 pm, and April 17th at 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Doors will be open 30 minutes before each performance. Tickets are being sold at $5 and can be bought (preferably) online on our RRHS arts department event page. Tickets may also be bought at the RRHS bookstore or purchased on our show dates 30 minutes before the show at the cafetorium door.

Due to COVID, safety precautions are in place and that means masks must be worn and seating will be limited. Families of current RRHS Thespians may purchase tickets starting March 29th through our online portal, at the RRHS Bookstore, or purchase their thespian reserve tickets through Mr. Ellison. SCV35 Staff and Teachers may begin purchasing tickets on April 5th through the online portal or the RRHS Bookstore, they may also reserve a spot with Mr. Ellison. All others may begin purchasing tickets online starting April 12th. 


Belle - Bailey Kane, Beast/Young Prince - Sergio Molina, Gaston - Ivan Escamilla, Lefou - Nikolas Kane, Mrs. Potts/Narrator - Miranda Solis, Chip - Layla Coppola, Cogsworth - Casey Bostian, Lumiere - Atticus Birkett, Babette - Andrea Altamirano, Madame Bouche - Miren Miranda, Maurice - Domenique Coppola, Monsieur D'arque - Ruben Encinas, Ensemble - Akayla Weathers, Asiela Martinez, Briana Madril, Christopher Castillo, Emilio Velasco, Giselle Vasquez, Sophia Teso, Mariana Valdez

Director: Joseph Ellison Vocal Director: Monique Qurioz Choreographer: Leslie Encinas


Technical Direction: Jose Valencia Scene Designer: Melissa Molera

Lighting Designer: Aldo Higuera Sound Designer: Josue Valencia and Tricia Beningos 

Costume Designer: Rebecca Medina and Lizbeth Alejos Stage Manager: Alfredo Haro