Mathematics is a necessary part of everyday life, whether or not students choose to pursue a career that is math-based. At Rio Rico our Math Department is dedicated to teaching math in real-world settings and showing students how their studies apply to their future. We offer numerous math classes from interventions through honors and advanced placement.


Marinez Alvarez
Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2
Vishali Shukla
Algebra 1/Algebra 2
Falwell Bancolo
Algegra 1, Geometry
Philip Brown
Algebra 1/Cambridge Math 1/2
Nagesh Kumar
AP Calc BC, Hon Pre-Calc, AP Calc AB, Pre-Calc
Joseph Scott
Algebra 2, STUCO
Chris Peters
Quantitative Reasoning, Astronomy
Ramona Soza

Police Officer talking to Students

Need help with your math homework? We have a few resources that may do the trick.

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