In our English coursework, students learn the importance of effective written and verbal communication as they excel in English, writing, grammar, and Cambridge classes. Each course holds students to high expectations as they read and analyze various types of texts, learn how to speak publicly, and write to both entertain and persuade. Advanced placement and honors classes are also available to qualified students.

Sabine Bachner
English 2
Cristobal Barajas
English 1
Shenicia Bell
English 2
Cambridge English 2 
Michelle Gibbar
English 3
AP English 3
Bhavana Gupta
English 4
Michelle Hester
English 1
Cambridge English 1
Justin Ibarra
English 3&4
Loree Johnson
AP English 3/4,
AP European History
English 3
Yemille Peiro
SEI 1,2, and 3 List/Speak
SEI 1,2, & 3 Gram/Writing 

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