High school can be a confusing time for families and students alike. We have gotten to the bottom of some of the questions most frequently asked by our families and students and provided those answers below. For more detailed information, be sure to check out our Student Handbook located in the Quick Links section of our school's Home page.

What are the school hours?

Regular school hours are from 8:40 a.m. until 3:40 p.m. Office hours are 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. We also observe an early release schedule on Wednesdays from 8:40 a.m. to 1:40 p.m. Be sure to check out our detailed schedule in the Quick Links section of our Home page.

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What is the dress code for Rio Rico High School?

We firmly believe that school is a place for education and not a place to display the latest fashions. Students may not wear clothing or accessories that detract from the learning environment. In short, we do not permit the following items:

  • spaghetti straps or strapless shirts
  • distracting hair styles or hair colorings
  • visible piercings (with the exception of ears) or tattoos
  • clothing that promotes drugs, alcohol, or smoking
  • bare midriffs
  • visible undergarments

Rio Rico High School and its teachers and administrators reserve the right to determine if clothing is appropriate for school.

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What is your attendance policy?

Regular attendance at school has been directly linked to academic success and creates positive attitudes toward responsibility that will carry over into adult life. State law requires 90% class attendance by children of school age. In the event of a necessary absence, families must inform the school by telephone on or before the day of the absence. We do not allow students on campus after school when they have been absent all day, including all student activities. Upon return to school after an absence, students must report to the attendance clerk in the administration building to obtain an admittance slip. Students have 24 hours from the day they return to excuse their absence. We will classify as unexcused any absence not verified by the family or administrative authorization.

Students have the number of school days equal to the number of days absent to make up work, not to exceed a total of five school days. We expect students to make up all work missed.

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What if my child has an appointment and needs to leave school early (or arrive to school late)?

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to schedule some appointments after school hours. While our campus is closed, if it becomes necessary to leave during the school day, students must sign out at the office. We consider leaving the campus without signing out or without permission as off-campus truancy, and the student will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

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Can my child ride the bus?

The district provides bus transportation as a convenience and privilege to students. The bus driver has the authority to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers. For more information about the general rules of conduct or for consequences of violating the rules, please see the Transportation page on our district website.

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My child struggles in a traditional school setting. Are there any alternatives?

Rio Rico High School is proud to host Cima Vista High School on our campus. Cima Vista is an alternative to the traditional high school setting for students who possess non-traditional learning styles. We provide students a safe, rigorous learning environment, where students who perform better in a non-traditional setting can be successful. Visit our Cima Vista page for more information. We also offer an online distance model and a Flex Schedule option. Please see the Personalized Learning Pathways page for more information.

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How can my child qualify for honors or advanced placement classes?

The philosophy of the honors/advanced placement program at Rio Rico is to provide students academic opportunities that stimulate learning and challenge them to expand their skill development and knowledge to the greatest extent possible, preparing them for college and beyond. Honors classes present a more rigorous curriculum and require more independent work than a regular class. The advanced placement program provides an opportunity for students to receive simultaneous credit in both high school and college. AP course students must also take the corresponding AP exam.

To gain entrance to these accelerated programs, we have the following standards:

  • Recommendation from a previous teacher in the subject area
  • Positive work habits (completing work and turning in assignments on time)
  • Positive attendance record (not to exceed 10 absences in a semester)
  • Positive conduct in class
  • Placement test to determine readiness
  • Standardized test scores, if needed, to evaluate students in question
  • We will examine extenuating circumstances on an individual basis

To continue to be eligible, we hold honors and advanced placement students to a high standard. Please read our student handbook, located in the Quick Links section of the Home page, for more information.

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