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The dedicated staff members at Rio Rico High School are all highly qualified in the fields in which they work, and they are ready, willing, and able to assist you and your child in any way possible. Simply click on the individual's email address below to get in touch with the person you need.

Education Quote

Office Personnel

Hector Estrada
(520) 375-8702
Chris Laughland
Athletics Director
(520) 375-8762
Dagoberto Lopez
Assistant Principal
(520) 375-8703

Billy Hix
Assistant to the Principal
(520) 375-8717

Jorge Moreno
CTE Coordinator
(520) 375-8704

Maribel Aguilar
Principal Secretary
(520) 375-8701
Alicia Baker
Instructional Coach
(520) 375-8727
Yolanda Felix
Assistant Principal Secretary
(520) 375-8716
Karla Sosa
School Receptionist
(520) 375-8700
Brenda Villareal
Book Store
(520) 375-8711
Elizabeth Moraila
Registrar /Counselor's Secretary
(520) 375-8705
Yahira Duran
(520) 375-8714

Melanie Estrada
Athletics Secretary
(520) 375-8781
Eileen Gonzales
SEI Specialist
(520) 375-8726


Ally Alvarez
10th Grade and Gear Up Coach
(520) 375-8764
Jose Alvarez
12th Grade
(520) 375-8715
Monique Quiroz
9th Grade
(520) 375-8712
Stephanie Carrasco
11th Grade 
(520) 375-8713





Hallie Birkett
Rosa Maria Cardenas
Engineering 1/2 
Liana Carrasco
Claudia Mavis
Culinary Arts
Alexandra Hix
Sports Medicine 1 & 2
 Andrew Bickerton
Film and TV
Sharon Martinez
Richard McPherson
Brandon Moore
  Ernesto Lopez
Agriculture Technician
Jimmy Navarro
Law Enforcement Program
Molly Johnson
CTE Secretary
(520) 375-8766
Kit Rendon
BOSA 1 & 2, Career Ex
Ronnie St. Clair


Sabine Bachner
English 2, German 1
Cristobal Barajas
English 1
Shenicia Bell
English 2/Cambridge English 2
Michelle Gibbar
English 3
Bhavana Gupta
English 3 & 4
Michelle Hester
English 1/Cambridge English 1
Justin Ibarra
English 3 & 4
Loree Johnson
AP English 3/4, AP European History, English 3
Yemille Peiro
SEI List/Speak, SEI 1/2 Gram/Writing

Fine Arts

Byron Coulter
Jazz/Concert/Symphony/ Percussion
Carlos Quihuiz
Miguel Grijavla
Intro Art/Adv. Art/Ceramics
Hallie Birkett
Laura Roth
Assistant Marching Band Director
Leslie Encinas
Color Guard Coach

Foreign Language

Hilda Van Duinen[Web ]
Spanish 1 & 2
Ana Romero-Davis
AP Spanish 3 & 4, Spanish 1 & 2


Marinez Alvarez
Algebra 2
Vaishali Shukla
Algebra 1 & 2
Falwell Bancolo
Algebra 1, Geometry
Philip Brown
Cambridge Math 1/2, Algebra 1
Nagesh Kumar
AP Calc BC, Hon Pre-Calc, AP Calc AB, Pre-Calc
Joseph Scott
Algebra 2, STUCO
Chris Peters
Quantitative Reasoning, Astronomy
Ramona Soza

Physical Education

Andrew Bachelier

Athletics Conditioning/Weights

Kevin Kuhm

Weights/Athletics Conditioning

 Anna Montt

Sports Medicine 2, Sports Medicine Intern

Jimmy Stolhmann

PE, Weights

 Josie Tanori




Wanda Glenn
Earth Science
Paola Palafox
Roselyn Paragamac
Conceptual Physics, Environmental Science
Mary Romero
Cambridge Biology, Biology
Nathan Sendgikoski
Cambridge Chemistry, Chemistry, AP Physics, Physics 
Margaret Shaw[Web ]
Environmental Science/AP Environmental Science/AP Seminar, AP Research

Social Studies

Hallie Birkett
World History, Yearbook
Zachary Bunnell
Cambridge World History, Cambridge American History, U.S. History
Yvette Hernandez-Bailey
Government, AP Government
Tracy Lynch
AP Economics, Economics
Daniel Rodriguez
U.S. History
Carlos Duran
U.S. History

Special Education

Alexis Bermudez
Special Education Teacher
Salome Ceballos
Special Education Teacher
Sarah Lopez 
Special Education Teacher
Crystal Merrill
Special Education Teacher
Victoria Michel
Special Education Teacher
Erika Islas
Instructional Aide


Library Staff

Media Specialist
(520) 375-8759
Melissa Rios
Library Technician
(520) 375-8759

Health Office

Cheryl Coppola
District Nurse
(520) 375-8708
Roshery Parada
Health Aide
(520) 375-8707


Rafael Corrales
Security Guard
Cruz Villa
Security Guard
Pedro Felix
Sheriff Resource Officer
(520) 375-8715
Hector Zuniga
Security Guard

Alternative Programs

Cima Vista Program

Marina Canez
Instructional Aide
(520) 375-8857
Luz Mendez
Program Teacher
(520) 375-8745
Sandra Teran
Instructional Aide
(520) 375-8750

Edgenuity (Enrichment Lab and Credit Recovery)

Claudia Tolano
Credit Recovery Teacher
(520) 375-8784
Daniel Navarro
Enrichment Lab Instructional Aide
(520) 375-8737
Ivan Soto
Enrichment Lab Program Teacher
(520) 375-8725