Thespian Honor Society

Troupe 5917

Charted November 19, 1998. Click here for the constitution

What is a Thespian?

Thespian with an uppercase “T” refers to a member of the International Thespian Society, the world’s largest honor society for theatre students. The designation “Thespian” includes student members who excel in technical and production fields as well as performance in their high school theatre.


Victoria Guzman President

Victoria Guzman


Miranda Solis Vice President

Miranda Solis

Vice President


Miren Miranda Treasurer

Miren Miranda



Atticus Birkett Secretary

Atticus Birkett


Domenique Outreach

Domenique Coppola


Nikolas Kane Outreach

Nikolas Kane


Medusa's Tale

Medusa's Tale

Medusa's Tale

Medusa's Tale by Carol S. Lashof (January 2020) Directed by Roberto Robles

Countless would-be-heroes have tried to slay Medusa, the famous monster with snakes for hair, but each and every one has turned to stone, simply by meeting her gaze.

The young Perseus is different, though. The Goddess Athena has given him a sword and shield and told him to beware of Medusa's tricks. But Perseus finds himself suddenly unprepared when Medusa's weapon of choice is a bedtime story—the story of her life.

Will Perseus stay true to his course and slay the monster, or will the humanity of Medusa's tale slay the hero?

International Thespian SocietyHow do students benefit from International Thespian Society affiliation?

Thespians receive the highest recognition due those who have demonstrated commitment and excellence in their school’s theatre program—induction into the world’s largest theatre honor society. ITS membership and its system of progressive honors and recognition encourages them to practice their craft and to grow as a person—creativity, self-confidence, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as specific theatre skills—will benefit you throughout school and beyond.

Students qualify by earning points for their work in the theatre arts. One Thespian point represents ten (10) hours of excellent work. To be eligible for Thespian induction, a student must obtain a minimum of ten points, the equivalent of one hundred hours. If you're interested, reach out to our board members!

Thespian Member How do students qualify for membership?

The Other Room by Ariadne Blayde (November 2018)

The Other Room by Ariadne Blayde (November 2018)

Directed By: Savannah Carlson & Karina Cabrera


Medusa's Tale by Carol S. Lashof (January 2020)

Medusa's Tale by Carol S. Lashof (January 2020)

Directed By: Roberto Robles

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