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Are you interested in joining the Hawk Bands?

The Rio Rico Hawk Band Program provides many opportunities to all members of it's band. With so many opportunities, we need to know who's joining and in what capacity! To do this, we have contracts. You can find the process below:

Contracts for the next year are released on April 15th.

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There are two types: Marching and Non-Marching.

The marching contract makes you a Marching Hawk - meaning you compete. The non-marching contract means that you only do parades. Non-marching contracts need to be accompanied by a Opt-out form.


All contracts need to be turned in by the Band Banquet. This year, that is May 7th.

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Contracts for the '19-'20 Season

Please turn in this contract if you are intending to be a part of the Marching Hawks - our competitive marching unit. You only need to turn in the contract for this option.  Marching Contract 
Please fill out the contract, the opt-out form, and the reduced alternate assignment form. Non-Marching contracts turned in without the opt-out form will not be approved. 

Non-Marching Contract

Opt-Out Form

Reduced Alternate Assignment 


I got my contract in late. What happens now?

If you are turning in a marching contract, then you simply become an alternate - basically, you shadow someone. If a spot opens up, you'll be assigned to the open spot (provided that you have passed all of your memorization tests). If you are turning in a non-marching contract, then you're application may be delayed. Additionally, you may need to provide more information regarding why you are opting out.

What's the Opt-Out processes?

In order to opt-out, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. As we get closer to the season, students need to provide more and more proof about why they should be allowed to opt-out. The specific details are listed on the opt-out form. Please note that we will not grant all opt-out requests.

I have medical issues. Do I have to opt-out?

No! Medical issues never force you to opt out. If you do make the decision to opt-out, a doctor's note can substitute for a required letter. If you have a medical condition that keeps you from participating fully then you may be asked to do alternate tasks (eg. running the met during rehearsal, helping with special projects, etc.). Additionally, all students with medical issues need a doctor's note on file detailing what they are allowed and not allowed to do.

I'm on a Fall Sports team? Do I have to march?

If you're on a freshman or JV team, then your Band-Sport agreement can count as one element of your Opt-Out requirements. However, you can still march. If you are on a Varsity team, it is recommended that you commit to the team (though we'll make it work if your really want to do that). For athletes on a Varsity team, your Band-Sports agreement covers all requirements for the opt-out period.

What about special situations?

If you are joining the district after May 7th, you can still turn in a contract. If you are joining the Marching Hawks, you may still get an alternate position. If you've never been in band before, and never had music experience, you'll need to take lessons from a member of our leadership beginning in January.

I have more questions about the process. Who should I contact?

If you have a question about how to fill out the form, the first contact that you should make is with your Section Leader - they have helped construct this process and have been trained in it. If they cannot answer your question, our Manager can help. Finally, if there is something above and beyond what student leadership can answer, then you should contact O'Donnell. You should contact O'Donnell immediately if there is a question regarding private information such as health issues, family issues, etc.