Personalized Learning Pathways

We can now build individualized learning schedules for each student! With the option of our flex schedule we can tailor to students depending on student interest and student needs.

For the school year, families have three options available according to student and family need.

Student options-

  • Traditional School
    Periods 1-7, on campus
  • RRHS Flex
    - Hybrid option, part time on campus and part time distance
    - Pathway driven
    - Student flexibility while on campus.
  • Distance learning
    Not related to COVID19, best for student learning!

Student Interest…
Students knowing their Post-Secondary Plans
What’s their Pathway?
College bound
Focus? I.e. Art School

Student Needs…
How does the student learn best?
What obligations or commitments does the student have outside of school?
Does the student have specific health needs?
What are the students interest?