Our mission is to create and maintain a High School library system that provides exceptional contemporary resources and services to support and enrich our schools' curriculum.  Our goal is to provide a modern facility that is well-balanced with current technology, digital resources and traditional print media.  Librarians teach information literacy skills to empower our students and staff to be active and effective users of information.  Our multifunctional library environments promote and foster the love of reading and learning, and provide a rich and meaningful library experience.  Our new library space (coming soon!) will be a nurturing environment that inspires people to read, explore and learn.  Library patrons will experience the positive energy created within our spaces, which will allow every user to foster freedom of thought, speech, expression and the pursuit of knowledge.  Our spaces will also promote creativity, imagination, learning and the love of story! 

Library Staff

 Patricia Bejarano

Media Center Specialist 

(520) 375-8759

Ariana Rodriguez

Library Technician 

(520) 375-2759