Parent Liaison

The purpose of our Parent Liaison program is to help the parents of our students learn the workings of the educational system by providing guidance and facilitating communication with our school personnel. We expedite the link between families and school, empowering families to become active in their child's education. We can help bridge the gap across cultural and economic differences.

Our parent mentor can assist you by sharing information about special education laws, attending IEP meetings with parents, promoting materials and resources to parents of children with disabilities, encouraging parent networking, helping parents access community resources, and promoting collaboration among parents, schools, and child services agencies.

We Can Help!

We understand that finding the resources necessary to help your child can be a daunting task. We encourage you to take advantage of our Parent Liaison program and get involved in your child's schooling. We'll help you find the community programs that best support your child's unique needs and will partner with you to enhance and enrich his/her education.

Your involvement lets your child know that you care and can provide a big boost to the educational performance of your child.

For more information, please contact:

Maria Peña.
Parent Liaison
(520) 375-8894